General Inquiries


In the service “Extra-Luxury”, it is included coffee and water by courtesy of the company. However, it will be offered to the guest, a service drinks menu with wine, champagne and other drinks and snacks, so we can fulfill any wish and preference of our guests.

As soon as your plans are well defined, contact us (through email or telephone) to arrange your booking. We always suggest that your booking is done as in much advance as possible.\r\nEvents or special occasions (more specific) require a booking in advance, so everything can go as your wish and demand. Dream and we Travelit will make it true.

Bookings can be made directly with us, through our own booking system in our website, through email or telephone.

There is many advantages for this type of service, especially for events or special occasions:

  • Giving the vast fleet of luxury and extra luxury cars that we own, driven by highly qualified drivers, you have the advantage of having the same vehicle and the same driver the entire service;
  • You can leave your belongings in the vehicle;
  • The vehicle and the driver are at your service according to the agreement.

Travelit can provide invoices of the services in the most convenient way through email as soon as the service is completed. There is also a data base, where all of our services that we have made with our guests, will be registered.

There will be charged a cleaning fee if, after the service is completed, we consider that the vehicle is extremely dirty or if some parts of the vehicle may be damaged (eg.: stains on the seats, damaged screens, damaged TV, broken control remotes, etc.) that require high costs of cleaning and/or maintenance. Issues regarding vomit, per example that will not be deposited in sickening bags, will be evaluated in advance by the driver. However, most of the cases, the minimum cost of the cleaning fee is 150.00€.

In the following Law n.º 37/2007, of 14th of August, published in Diário da República n.º 156/2007. Series I of 2007-08-14, pages 5277-5285, emitted by the Assembly of the Republic, it is FORBIDDEN TO SMOKE in all of our vehicles. If any guest practice the act of smoking inside of one of our vehicles, there will applied a cleaning fee of 750.00€, followed by any costs of repair of any damaged caused by smoking.
However, in a way to satisfy the needs of our guests and, always that’s possible (never putting in danger the road, our guests and our driver security) we are always willing to make a short stop for our guests to smoke.

If the customer enjoyed the driver’s service, it’s professionalism, cordiality and availability, the company does not see any issue in the guest recognize and tip the driver.

Retain and femalirialize our guests is a hard point of values and goals of Travelti. We love when we have regular guests that really get along with our driver, recognize it’s professionalism and wish to request for their next service their favourite driver.

We at Travelti don’t follow by the standard uniform of traditional drivers. In the framing of our team, young and dinamic, with a futuristic and modern vision, without forgetting the true old values as education, cordiality and professionalism we adopted a casual and modern style for the transport of our guests. However, according with our demand, professionalism and also according to every requirement of each service, each event and occasion, we are chameleonic and completely flexible to use the uniform that best suits each service.

At Travelti we have the perfect understanding the we are the first ones to welcome you, and the last ones to wish you a good flight. We know how important it is the first and last impression of who arrives and departs.\r\nWe do not charge a fee if your arriving time changes. We monitor every changes of your arrival schedule and uptade the service schedule. We are here to find solutions and resolve your problems, and not to hinder your stay and holidays in our country.